On the East coast of Sicily, just a little to the South of the Alcantara river, where the lower slopes  of Etna become rolling hills and then flatten out into a coastal plain, a small river emerges from the lava and for the exceptional chill of its waters as it runs down into the sea, is named Fiumefreddo. 
Fiumefreddo di Sicilia takes its name from the river which flows through it together with the “di Sicilia” to distinguish it from one in Bruzio in Calabria.
The original name was “putieddi” (o botteghelle) because of the presence of small stores belonging to the Prince of Palagonia which were used as resting places by wayfarers.
The town lies on the eastern shore of Sicily and its territory stretches from the sea to a height of 280m above sea level, it borders the districts of Calatabiano, Piedimonte Etnea and Mascali.
The area  has great potential with rich citrus groves, a large numbers of greenhouse products and a natural location for tourism.
Its happy geographical position, at the feet of the most famous volcano in Europe and besides the unspoilt Ionian Sea, together with the enchanting Nature reserve make it an ideal spot for visitors, especially in the summer.